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R.O.A.R.S. Summer Horse Camp Information - People we are grateful to:

Special thanks to Na-Na Mount (Tori and Sami's Na-Na) who provides us with most of our craft supplies.  Na-Na goes out gets the supplies and even delivers them and won't let us pay her anything for them.  Na-Na you rock and I am so glad to be adopted into your family!  The crafts you provide are AWESOME and the kids had tons of camp souvenirs to take home.

Grandma Nikki (Tori and Sami's Grandma) thank you for bringing us the delicious snacks!  The kids tried to eat them all but not before Tammy had her fill of sweats!  Hey ... I can take them  ALL on for some yummy treats!  I am hooked on Grandma Nikki's cup cakes ... I might even hoola-hoop for another one!

Na-Na Skinner (Cassidy's Na-Na) brought us several yummy treats too .. watermelon and those brownies .. oh man.  I went back in to get another brownie and those babies were GONE and not a crumb left to pick up.

As if bringing snacks to camp isn't enough, these Na-Na's and Grandma's also have been known to bring crafts and snacks to our shows.  The problem IS, now I have to fight for my spot as the adopted grandchild to all these awesome ladies.  So, all I have to say is they are MINE - back off and consider yourselves lucky that I share the treats :).

We had other mom, dad's and grandma's bring snacks and do thank each and every one of you for providing us with the yummies.  We had an awesome group of parents, grandparents and kids this year - the photos will tell all.  I hope you enjoy browsing through them!  See ya all soon!

Lisa Erickson (aka Cat Lady) - thank you so much for the pictures and a very special thank you for the day you took those wonderful shots down, had them developed and brought them back for the kids to take home.  You are so awesome and I am so glad to have you as a friend here at R.O.A.R.S.  You have the kindest heart .. and soul.

Also, thank you Ricopi for helping me out with all the chores around the ranch and for doing whatever needed to be done to make camp happen.  You are awesome and R.O.A.R.S. would not be the success it is without you, my devoted husband. THANK YOU HONEY!

Marissa - thank you for coming in and providing the much needed relief for us on your days off - it is very much appreciated!

Sandy Crippin - let's face it - without you all the plants would be dead and the grass would be knee high.  Thank you for all you do around here.  You are the best "foreman" ever and you need a raise!

and .. last but not least Tori Mount and Taylor Prichard. Both these girls are advanced students at R.O.A.R.S. and give up their personal lesson time while we hold camps.  They come and work at the camps from early in the morning until the last kid has gone home. They work the entire time and are the reason we are able to allow more kids to come join us and have a fun summer. Thank you both for being willing to help out at camp so the younger kids can have a fun summer - you are incredible teens and I am proud to be your trainer.  Thank you!

Who did we miss on the Thank You page?  Please tell us so we can add 'em!

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