2010 R.O.A.R.S.
Summer Horse Camp
Week 2 of 3

Thank you to Nana, Tori, Mama Mount, Colby, Taylor and Rico for letting us use your horses in our horse camp. As you can see below, they made a lot of kids happy!  We love you and are so glad that you are willing to share your awesome horses so these kids can have the experience of riding them.  Thank you again!

To the kids in camp that brought your horses and shared them.  Thank you for being flexible!  Wasn't it fun to ride someone else's horse!  Yeah!

9:00-10:00 a.m. The first hour of each day the kids check in, play games and we all load up in the mule and head next door for a snack at Royal Oaks Market.  I am sure it's Omar's (the market owner's) favorite part of the morning!  There is usually some rough riding on the way back .. just enough to hear a few squeals and then back to the safe games on the lawn and snack time.
10:00-noon: All horses are saddled up and we head out to the arenas.  Beginners get a private 1:1 lesson with an instructor to learn how to ride and once they have down the basics and can ride safely, they join the group in the big arena.  Each rider gets individual instruction time with Tammypi each day on western riding and gymkhana event techniques and they also do drills to go over jumps, exchange flags, pick up bugs and snakes and learn to progress through each of the horses gaits as appropriate.  Riders are pushed to excel, and pushed to ride outside of their box but always and only when they can do it safely.  We spend 4 hours a day riding.  2 hours then we break for lunch and then 2 more hours.  After riding we either do work around the ranch as a group, or if it's hot the water slide is set up and ready to go, on those sluggish and tired days, we settle in for a movie, snack and a craft or two.
From Left to Right: Madi and Star, Leo and Spanky, Taylor on foot Megan and Lollipop, Kassidy and Reno Bo Beno, Sierra and Stormy, Colby and Princess Puzzle, Caitlyn and Kiniki, Mia and Ace, Carla and Fresca, Morgan and Nana's Pokey, Tori on foot.  We run out of lesson horses pretty fast for camps .. wish we had more of them so more kids could come .. but we do what we can.  Awesome group of kids .. fun, fun, fun!

Taylor texting .. or working? 
 Huh?  Busted!

From left in the blue t-shirt: Sierra, Kassidy, Mia, Morgan, Madison, Megan, Taylor, Colby, Caitlyn, Leo, Carla, Tori and Menace
Monkey cup cakes YUM - thank you Annebelle and Caitlyn!  These we so cute!  (were!  we ate 'em up!)
Leo on Nana's Pokey, Spanky, Puzzle and Paris

Go Leo!
We jokingly nick named Leo the bobbing head doll at the beginning of camp because his head bobbed all over the place. By the end of the week, Leo was loping and sitting with correct form and no, his head was not bobbing.  Great job Leo!
Kassidy on Jesse and Reno Bo Beeno, Slash, Amigo and Paris.  Kassidy rides anything and everything we put her on ... during camp and any day of the year. This girl LOVES to ride, ride, ride!

Now your horse is working Kass!  Down and dirty!
Sierra and Stormy, Jesse, Clyde and Paris.  Sierra wanted to sell Stormy at the beginning of camp but during camp she re-established her bond with him and now they are going strong.  I asked Sierra in October if he was for sale yet .. she said "no"!.  Nice job Sierra!
Colby and Puzzle then giving Spanky a quick tune up and then on his pony Paris and Mama Mount's Cowboy.  Colby has come so far in 1 year.  Last year we had to be careful who we put him on, this year he rode everyone and even tuned up some ponies for us.  Nice job Colby and thank you for the tune ups!

Ya Colby LEAN!
Caitlyn and Kiniki. Poor Kiniki had to do all week of camp 4 hours a day ... he was so tired!  Caitlyn did great this year she is now ready to move onto speed with her horse instead of just loping.  Can't wait to see them pull it all together!
Carla and Star, Fresca and then Puzzle.  Carla rides them all now!  She is doing great!

Carla learned to LEAN! and LOPE!
Mia and Clyde, Ace and then Stormy.  Mia and Clyde's pictures were mostly blurry because he was going so fast, but we managed to get a few.  Go Clydester!
Madison and Lolli, Star and then Fresca.  This was Madi's first year with us and she did great.  She learned to walk and trot through obstacles, do the trail course, all the gymkhana events and a lot more!
Morgan and Fresca and then Pokey
Megan and Spanky and then Lollipop.  Megan's second year with us .. Megan and Lolli get along the best and are BFF's.
Fun time in the water slide!!!!  These kids were cRaZy!

Yeah Leo!  Twisted!



This was fun until he hit the cold water ...

I do not like it!

Jumping out!
We called this THE CHAIN GANG!  The kids had to do their "work day" and the project of the day was to weed the area to the right of the small arena, then plant it.  Some like the project, some not so much!  Colby was into it and if it were up to him, we would still be planting flowers!  Thanks kids - the area looks awesome now and is even blooming!!
Lunch time under the tent.  Woody is in my chair and NO ONE is allowed in MY CHAIR ... I guess Woody is!  Who could kick him off, he's so cute!

I wuv you mommy!

and no, I will not get down!!
Jesse takes a break.  Poor horse got yanked into camp when one of the student horses didn't work out.  She thought she had the summer off - ha!

For Sale .. maybe!
Mama's girl, Kiah Pi. No sure how this picture got in with the camp pictures, but she's so cute we'll leave it here!

Hope you enjoyed all of our camp photos - sorry it took so long to get them all up (300 photos - WOW!)