2009 R.O.A.R.S.
Summer Horse Camp
Week 3 of 3

The same asweek 1 and 2 - the first hour we go get snack and play games on the lawn. 
Hoola-hoop was hysterical ... especially when Tammypi tried it .. of course she won the contest for the longest hoola-hooper (yeah right!).  I think Tori was the grand champion ... but they all made it look pretty easy as they ate cookies and hoola-hooped at the same time. WhatEVER!  Having a big butt does not make you a better hoola-hooper - trust me!
Then at 10:00 we get the horses and ponies out ...
Cassidy fell back in love with Slash at camp - now he is NOT for sale!  He is a beautiful paint and very talented.  Sami loves Stormy and got to ride him English and then take him over some jumps.  Cassidy and Sami had a blast jumping - it was fun to watch them jump and learn some new techniques.
Rico and PunKynn Pi keeping an eye on the kids in the pool.  Gracie was scared to death of that thing!  She was the only horse that had a reaction to it .. she thought it was the boogie man!
It was hot again this week .. so off to the water slide to cool off after 4 hours in the saddle!