2009 R.O.A.R.S.
Summer Horse Camp
Week 2 of 3

The same as week 1 - the first hour we go get snack and play games on the lawn.  We want to make sure everyone is full and hydrated before going out into the arena in the heat.
Then at 10:00 we get the horses and ponies out ...
Caitlyn on Fresca, Tom on Sundance, Jordan on Rusty, Demelza on Cowboy, Reed on Stormy, Julaine on Lollipop, Shay on Clyde, Sami on Star and Tori (standing).  
I needed a massage .. and got one .. karate chops - yeah!
Boys, mud pit and a tug-of-war rope .. need I say more?
Shannon brought a guest - what a beautiful boy!
We teach horse care too - some like to muck, others not-so-much!  Shay was our #1 mucker at all three camps - that girl will muck all day if we let her!
This week was HOT so we went out and got a blow up water slide/pool to cool the kids off.  It was a BLAST and the kids loved it.  I am not sure how we would have gotten through such a hot week without the water slide, tug-of-war snake mud pit and sprinklers!  Lucky for us kids and water get along very well together!  Some went down on their butts - but most of them chose the upsidedown and backwards technique.  Very funny to watch as they pretzel down the slide!