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PunKynn Pi
11" 8 lb Blue Eyed Tri (Red)
PunKynn got her name obviously because of her color.  PunKynn is our smallest, she is very petite and is daddy's girl.  She loves to go out and play with the others but also finds herself wanting back in because she gets cold quick.  She is a love bug and when it's bed time she will crash on the couch and growl at anyone who tries to disturb her or she will wonder off into our room and put herself to bed.  She is the queen of all soft pillows and claims them all as "hers".  She is a funny girl and will snuggle with someone else and then peek at her daddy to see if he's looking trying to make him jealous, so funny and cute to watch.
Scroll down to see pictures of her as a puppy.
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December 2008 at her friend's birthday party.  Striking a pose with that leg.  Too funny!  She thought she was "all that" with her dress on.
One BLUE eye and one amber eye with a BLUE fleck.

PunKynn's Sire
Adore's Necko
12 1/2 black tri with two BLUE eyes.

PunKynn's Dam
Sundance Red Hot Cocoa
11" amber eyes/one partial BLUE eye

Kiah and PunKynn at the party.
Following pictures were taken December 2008. 1 year 7 months old.

She is TINY!



Major poser!

7 months
 4 weeks

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